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We have been in business since 1992, when we were known as Lyndels Dancing Club. We offer lessons to children aged from 2 1/2 in Ballet and Tap, from age 3 in Street Dance & Freestyle, Ballroom & Latin American and from age 7 in Musical Theatre.

We have a small, but growing, section for adults.

We believe that children learn best when they are happy and supported, through play when younger, and clear instruction on technique, coupled with friendly and understanding teachers as they grow. 

Our principle is 'Miss Louise' Dell L.I.D.T.A L.U.K.A

Miss Louise has over 30 years experience as a teacher and was also an examiner with the UKA, where she was part of a team which overhauled their grades system, working with the CDET.

Now we use the IDTA syllabi and system, which has been beautifully designed and updated, suiting our classes and ethos perfectly


Exams, Medal tests and Awards

We follow the IDTA syllabus in all subjects. We offer regular opportunities to take exams and awards with the IDTA. 

Exams can be taken from age 3, starting with Rosette Awards - a specially designed syllabus for young beginners

From here, our dancers move on to Grades (Ballet and Tap) or Medal Tests (Ballroom & Latin, Street & Freestyle)

We are a professional school and as such, we do expect our pupils to take exams. Rosettes are optional, but a fantastic introduction into the world of dance exams.  After this, the exams are simply the best way of reinforcing what we teach in lesson, together with learning about presenting themselves, self discipline, healthy competition, and of course, just rewards for hard work! 



We do a full show, involving the whole school, once every 2 years - to allow time for your dancer to grow and advance in between major shows. However, we do plenty of smaller shows, involving smaller numbers of performers, and take part in displays at various venues, such as Hessle Feast

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