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The hardest, most beautiful dance style, yet most accesible for the very youngest dancers!

Our youngest dancers learn through imaginative play, whilst exploring the basics of posture and technique. If your child is very energetic, loud and loves pop culture, this may not be the best choice! If your child is quieter and loves music, imagination etc, this is the style for them. 

As our dancers progress through the school, they learn that self discipline, dedication and hard work bring the greatest of results, and, of course when ready, POINTEWORK!

Pupils may only go 'en pointe' when Miss Louise says they are ready. This is not an age, or a grade, but is individual to each dancer, requiring physical and emotional maturity, coupled with strength and correct technique. It is however, the ultimate aim for most girls, and even some boys do it, for added strength.



Rhythmical, noisy and fabulous fun!

Create lots of sounds and rhythmical effects using mainly your feet and special shoes. 

This subject develops timing and showmanship using a variety of music styles. Think STOMP or TAP ATTACK

At LDPA our beginners cover Ballet and Tap in the same class, but once the basics have been covered, the subjects are split so that one or both may be taken

Musical Theatre


A fabulous blend of song, drama and dance

This subject develops confidence and the ability to speak / perform in public

We use warm up exercises and games to build confidence, then produce musical numbers from popular shows which can contain solo, duet or group performances - so your little star can work at whichever level suits them the best.

Currently we work a mixed age group, from age 7 upwards, which gives us a wide range of musicals to choose from

Street Dance


If you`re not sure what this is - think pop or RnB culture. 

This is the coolest of all the dance styles, great for boys and girls. 

Our classes take you or your child from non dancer, through basic moves, to feeling like a pro! It can be fast paced, or slow or steady, depending on the track we have choreographed to and the age of the dancer

If your child loves pop culture and chart music - this is a great place for them to start.

Freestyle Dance


Originating as DISCO in 1978, Freestyle has evolved into a dance style all of its own. 

Using up to date music, showing both fast and slow styles, showcasing leaps, kicks, jumps, spins and floorwork, this style is an ideal partner to Street Dance.

If your child has an abundance of energy - this is definitely the style for them!

Adult classes


Currently we offer classes in Ballet or Shapeshifters Dance fitness

As the picture shows - Ballet is fabulous for Posture, Core Strength, Grace and Coordination, suitable for ALL ages

Shapeshifters is a fusion of many dance styles, presented in simple to learn routines, to popular music - a fantastic way to keep fit!

Watch this space for more adult classes coming soon

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