LDPA Minis

Street and Freestyle

Street and Freestyle


Our youngest dancers wear a branded LDPA minis T shirt, with leggings / trackies and light trainers / sandshoes / plimsoles.

T shirts are available directly from us, and cost from £5.50

Street and Freestyle

Street and Freestyle

Street and Freestyle


Our Street and Freestyle dancers wear a branded T shirt (A choice of colours in Louise's classes, Blue in Nicky's), or class leotard, with black leggings or trackies, BLACK jazz shoes, black jazz trainers or Black light trainers.

T shirts are available directly from us, prices starting at £5.50, leotards from £9.00

Dance shoes can be bought from us, or from any reputable dance shop or web site

Musical Theatre

Street and Freestyle

'Baby' Ballet and Tap


Our Musical theatre students wear a black, branded polo shirt, with any black bottoms and black dance trainers or light trainers. 

This is line with the IDTA's uniform policy for Musical Theatre exams

'Baby' Ballet and Tap

Grades 1 and 2 Ballet and Tap

'Baby' Ballet and Tap


Our younger beginners in Ballet and Tap, up to and including Primary Grade, wear a pale pink soft Skirted leotard ( not stick out tutu, skirt at waist please), with pink ballet shoes and socks (no tights until high school unless it is winter), and black tap shoes with heal and toe taps. Prices start at £2 for ballet socks, through to £6-12 for skirted leotards and £15.50 for tap shoes

Boys wear white branded T shirt, with black shorts, white socks, black ballet shoes and tap shoes

Grades 1 and 2 Ballet and Tap

Grades 1 and 2 Ballet and Tap

Grades 1 and 2 Ballet and Tap


On progression to Grade 1, our students earn the right to wear dark pink. Leotards and skirts must now be separates as skirts are not permitted for ballet exams from grade 1.

Boys uniform remains the same (sorry boys)

Grade 2 sees the change from a skirt to tight fitting shorts in a matching colour to the leotard.

Grades 3 and 4 Ballet and Tap

Grades 1 and 2 Ballet and Tap

Grades 1 and 2 Ballet and Tap


Now our dancers are progressing through the grades, they earn the right to wear royal blue. Leotards must be Royal blue and students may choose from Ballet belt or royal blue tight fitting ballet shorts. No skirts in this colour.

 Pupils older than 12, or those who are developing, are now allowed to wear ballet tights (in line with IDTA uniform for Ballet exams)

Boys may now wear black tights and a white vest or leotard, with black ballet shoes 

Senior Dancers and Pointework


Grade 5, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and 2

Once our dancers arrive at Grade 5, they graduate to wearing Black and are called Seniors. At this stage, we start to consider pointework.

There is no set age for beginning pointework. However - seniors must have achieved ALL of the following to be considered for pointe shoes, as beginning pointework too early is almost certain to wreak havoc on a dancers body, leaving them with multiple problems as they get older.

Pupils must be AT LEAST 12 years old

Pupils must have reached physical maturity, so we can be sure the bones in their feet are fully hardened

Pupils must have developed sufficient strength in their cores, legs, ankles and feet 

Pupils must have a mature attitude to their work and respect for themselves, their teacher and their classmates

Pupils must have a strong record of attendance

Pointework is the dream of most of our young dancers - but IT HURTS!

We ask all of our pupils who have been given permission to go en pointe by Miss Louise go to a reputable Pointe fitter like Pink Dancewear. The wrong shoes will damage your feet and be incredibly painful!